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2012. március 5., hétfő

'Chatty Cathy Pinocchio' Critiques by Mark C. Harris, Malcon Pierce & Other Artists

Wooow! This is fresh and true critique!
Thanks to Mark and AnimSchool!

And more CCP critiques from YouAnimator.
Thanks Malcon, thanks Guys!

Hi Peter! Awesome shot man! I think your execution is really great. It feels very polished and refined. I think the performance is great but to me is a bit crowded with ideas. I feel like you can simplify the performance. Taking out gestures here and there and really picking your moments more carefully with give you more contrast within the movement as well as let certain moments in the shot breath. The lipsynch to be feels late and sometimes under-articulated. I think you can work on getting those mouth shapes to read sooner so that it feels right on the money. also I feel like you can get some more interesting moments in the eyes. For the most part they are open pretty wide the entire shot. I'd like to see them change a little more. Maybe they stay squinted longer, and that way you get a nicer change when they open up wider etc etc. I'm not saying to into this shot and change anything, But these are just things to think about in future animations. You clearly have a great feeling for the movment. Everything feels nice and tied down. The biggest thing is to make your performance much more clear so that things read better and the viewer really gets to enjoy some of the moments. Give the audience something to hold on to. John Khars always says that to us. It means, really spend time within the moments that matter in your shot. Dont just move through them, but really let those moments breath, and have their time! Awesome stuff Peter! Keep it up! I'm sure I'll see you soon! -Malcon Pierce
Really fun- I'd seen this once before and loved it. Terrific non-cliche acting choices all very well executed. The performance on the devil character at "...you would" is maybe a little broad and might have benefited from a touch more containment so we could track the eyes better. Also some of the lip sync might've been articulated more. But overall this piece manages to convey a lot! It has a great sitcom vibe to it and a real rapport between these two guys. Hard to do in two shots!
Nice work. Nice range of expression and emotion. This isn't a typical reel simply because there's only one short sequence on it. If that's all you have then great. People will look at it. But I greatly encourage you to do a few more of these short sequences and edited them one after another to give recruiters a range of work to look at. As for this piece. It's nice. There is a bit of overacting in the devil shot. He's moving a lot. Next time really try to choose your beats that he moves and when he should stay still. This will add texture to your work. It's up to you, but don't feel like you need to put credits on your reel. If a recruiter is hiring animators they wont care how modelled the characters in your work. They just want to see how you animate. My best advice is to just keep doing tests like these. Spend time perfecting them and then edit the best shots together and make a longer reel. Most recruiters need to see consistency from project to project to make an educated decision. Good luck. I'm looking forward to seeing what else you come up with.

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